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Welcome to Career Carnival for Kids, a new community-based program for elementary and middle school students!

At a time when kids are generally open-minded and blissfully unconcerned about college applications or job applications, Career Carnival introduces them to a wide range of occupational options and encourages them to walk through the world noticing and appreciating all of the different career paths people take.

Boring presentations? Long chapters to read? No way! Career Carnival is an interactive, fun-filled event where kids meet professionals from many different industries. Our volunteers represent an amazing array of jobs in Health & Wellness, Technology, Creative Arts, Media, Engineering & Manufacturing, Building & Maintenance, Law & Public Safety and more.

Come for the tasty treats, stay for the games and prizes, leave with a spark that may light the way toward a fantastic future.

For more information, please contact us at careercarnivalforkids@gmail.com.